What is grounding and protecting?

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Grounding/Earthing is all about the awareness that we are still in a physical body as well as endeavouring to become spiritual workers and beings. Below you will find a few ways in which being grounded can make such a difference to our everyday life:

- Brings life to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.

- Increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.

- Help bring acceptance that we are here to fulfil a purpose.

- Brings strength.

- Helps in creating a bridge between Spirit and matter.

- Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.

- Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual levels.

How will I know if I am ungrounded?

Below is a list of some of the more common symptoms of being ungrounded. Usually each individual will encounter the same one or two symptoms each time they are ungrounded.

 - Dizziness

- Daydreaming

- A feeling of being 'Spaced Out'

- Falling asleep when meditating

- Noise and light sensitive

- Forgetful

- Having brilliant ideas that never happen

- Arguing and unable to get your point across

- Feeling sick

- Heart palpitations

- Eyes flickering

- Weight gain

- Clumsiness

- Static shocks

(Please note that many of these symptoms can also be linked to other physical conditions or illnesses, if in doubt always check with your GP. Light and energy work is complementary to general medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute.)

How can you ground yourself?

When working with the spirit world or carrying out any form of spiritual work (Healing, reading cards, etc.) it is very important for us to be grounded and taking in the earthly energies. So a technique I use is to sit back relax and visualise roots growing from your feet and visualise them burrowing down to the core of the earth, once they have reached the core visualise and feel energy moving from the roots and into your body, once you feel this change in your bodies energy, if you do not feel a change don't worry as there are lots of different techniques you can use. If you don’t feel the change comment on the comment section at the bottom of the page and I will send you some other techniques.


What is protection and why do we need it?

As Human Beings we are all placed on this earth in a physical body. Many of us may choose to do the work of Spirit and therefore become aware that there is much more to life than just a physical body. As we become in tune with ourselves and those around us we realise that everything and anything are made up of energy.

I'm sure we have all been aware of standing in a queue and feeling uncomfortable as someone steps into our space. This is them invading our aura (energy field), and if our energy field is unprotected we will pick up on any energy that they may be giving out.

This energy can be both positive and negative and it is important for us to learn that we can pick up and take on board this energy especially as we start to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness. We become more sensitive to the energies that constantly surround us, and it then becomes important to know what we should do to avoid becoming susceptible to any negativity that we may encounter.

What can happen if you are not protected?

Being unprotected normally manifests itself within the emotional and spiritual bodies. Below is a list of some symptoms you may feel if your energy field is unprotected:

 - Irritable/losing your temper

- Drained

- Nightmares

- Easily influenced by others

- Threatened/defensive

- Fanatical about someone

- Feeling other people’s emotions/pain

- Bumping into people

- Copying or living your life through others

- On a physical level, you can feel pain in the back of your neck, solar plexus (pit of stomach), or wrists.

How can we protect ourselves?

Again there are a lot of techniques to this, one I find very effective is to visualise a beautiful white light from the crown chakra which is a top of the head all the way down to the soles of your feet. Visualise this beautiful bright white light protecting you, you are safe inside the light, take a few minutes to connect and feel this light, note any visions or images that come to mind as you do. Imagine it in your mind it falls down on you and washes over you. Now visualise this light filling your body, and once it is full notice the light surrounding you in a bubble. You can use that anytime you need protection and you should always use it whenever you work with spirit and it is good to do it every day to protect yourself from energies.


If you feel that this technique does not work for you, leave a comment below and I will reply with other techniques that may help you.

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