Make A Booking

Booking a one to one reading

A face to face reading is where we will either meet up in a local location or I can come to your house or vice-versa and I will provide you with a mediumship readings, tarot readings and any other type of reading you request from me, in this time period I can also provide you with spiritual healing (Reiki) if that is something you are interested in receiving. To book a reading with me you can contact me using one the methods such as using a contact form, email, phone call, message on my Facebook page, and you can also tweet me on Twitter.  (Do not purchase a reading from my store if you are wanting a reading face to face as prices change for face to face readings.)

(Due to past situations with people wasting time a £5.00 deposit is now required) 

To make a booking please visit my contact page, my Facebook Page, text me at 07514091851 or email me:


Booking healing (Reiki)

A healing practitioner is someone who can channel energy from the earth or the spirit world, into the patient and can provide a patient with some pain relief and relaxation. As when we are in pain, we become quite stressed and spiritual healing helps to provide you with this relaxation. I am a fully qualified spiritual healer and have certification from the Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI). When booking spiritual healing with me I can travel to your house or vice-versa, I can also do healing for you at events I attend throughout the West Midlands, you will be given the option of many types of healing. Here are a few examples: Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing/Reiki, aura repair, and chakra realignment. To make a booking please visit my contact page, my Facebook Page, text me at 07514091851 or email me:

Where am I based?

I am mainly based in the city of Worcester in the UK. Most of my one to one sessions take place in the Worcester City Centre. I provide my services to those in the Worcestershire area. If you are looking for a reading or spiritual healing do not hesitate to contact me by using the contact form and number below. If you're still not sure feel free to visit my Yellow Pages listing where you can find more reviews.