Kyle Harding Clairvoyant

Fairy Tarot Reading

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The fairies are magical Earth Angels who help you fulfil your earthly needs. Combined with tarot - a time-honoured system to get detailed accurate answers to life questions - they bring you the best of both worlds! This reading will look at the past present and future unless asked otherwise, you can look at just the future, or have this reading if you are in the need of guidance or have specific questions you would like answered. 

This type of reading is also available in a face to face setting in the city of Worcester in the UK. To learn more about this then please visit our bookings section. 

YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 TO ORDER A READING UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM  PARENT OR GUARDIAN  (please bare in mind that our future is effected by our free will which means that the results may not be accurate in the future due to free will)


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