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Full Healing Attunements Package (NTU)

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This is a special offer! You will be learning all about every individual attunement from The Unicorn Energy Healing System, Atlantian Angel Healing System, Magical Fairy Kisses attunement system, and so much more (full details below.) This is a great opportunity for anyone who is currently practising or teaching reiki healing or wishing to learn more about healing and meeting more of your guides in these different systems. Each one can be used in different ways for certain clients, for example, some clients are in need of different energies like some will want a very strong and powerful healing energy (Unicorn energy healing system) and some will want more gentle and relaxed systems like the Magical fairy kisses energy healing system.

The systems that will be included in this offer are:
  • The Unicorn Energy Healing System
  • Atlantian Crystal Angels Healing System
  • Magical fairy kisses healing system
  • Power of Dragon Spirit healing system
  • Outside Influences Protection Empowerment
  • Rainbow Hands Healing System
  • Blue Star Reiki Healing Attunement

There is no prerequisite for the attunement into the systems. Knowledge about energy working is beneficial, of course. There will be one distance attunement session to enable you to connect with each of the healing systems and once you have gone through this initial attunement session you will then be able to pass on the knowledge you will gain to others. 

In this course, you will get lifetime access to the teaching videos and resources I provide you with, and you will also gain support from me whenever you may need it. In the course, you will be taught to the level of master teacher and will receive a certificate and handbook to provide you with support, and you will be able to pass on this system and teach it to others. You will also have access to the attunement energy session for 48 hours afterwards, as the energy will still be sent out.


This will be what you receive from each healing system:

- A 15-page PDF booklet on this system 

- A certificate of attunement so you can pass this system on to others OR A certificate of Mastery if you do a case study.

- Lifetime support if you ever need extra help with the learning or teaching. You will also be provided with all the necessary materials to teach and continue practising.

- All materials and certificates will be posted in a message, email or to the Facebook group named the classroom.

- There is also the opportunity to book one to one tuition in this energy healing. So you can choose to work in a group via skype, email or facebook. Or you can have 1 to 1 tuition.

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